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Trends and Challenges in Ensuring Quality in Analytical Measurements

Charles Bridge, Prague

Eurachem Czech Republic invited scientists, PhD students and professionals from laboratories and public bodies to this Online Scientific Workshop to discuss and present their findings on metrology in analytical sciences.

The workshop was run online over three days and included over 140 registered participants from 45 countries.

The separate pages below give details of the programme, and available presentation material can be found on the Presentations and Posters tabs below.

Workshop information

Date: 17-19 May 2021
Venue: Prague, Czech Republic/Online if required
Information First announcement (issued November 2020)
Online event programme
Abstracts Book of Abstracts

Workshop Aims

The workshop aimed to:

  • Reflect experience with the revised ISO 17025 standard after the transition
  • Present current Eurachem activities in the field;
  • Discuss future challenges in quality in analytical measurements from both research and practical perspectives.


MONDAY 17th May

11:00-11:15 David Milde, Miloslav Suchánek
(Eurachem-CZ, Czech Republic)
Opening of the workshop
11:15-11:30 Vicki Barwick
(Eurachem Chair, UK)
Introduction to Eurachem and its activities
11:30-11:55 Pavel Nosek
(Czech Accreditation Institute, CZ)
Experience of the Accreditation Body with the Transition to ISO/IEC 17025:2017
11:55-12:20 Isabelle Vercruysse
(Eurachem Vice-Chair, Belgium)
Revised ISO/IEC 17025:2017 – Laboratory view
12:50-13:15 Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva
(Qualitative analysis WG Chair, Portugal)
Assessment of qualitative analysis performance and uncertainty
13:15-13:40 Piotr Robouch
(JRC EU, Belgium)
Guides, leaflets and more – online calculation/validation tools
13:40-14:40  Isabelle Vercruysse
(Eurachem Vice-Chair, Belgium)
Breakout session I – Revised ISO/IEC 17025
 13:40-14:40 Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva
(Qualitative analysis WG Chair, Portugal)
Breakout session I – Qualitative Analysis Fitness for Purpose
14:40-15:00   Conclusions of breakout sessions
15:00-15:05 Miloslav Suchánek
(Eurachem-CZ, Czechia)
Closing of the day 1

TUESDAY 18th May

11:00-11:05 Miloslav Suchánek
(Eurachem-CZ, Czechia)
Opening of the day 2
11:05-11:30 Kyriacos Tsimillis*, Sappho Michael**
(*Division of Quality Assurance PUC, **Ministry of Health, Cyprus)
Ensuring Quality: A key element in analytical and clinical laboratories
11:30-11:55 Vicki Barwick
(Eurachem Chair, UK)
Planning method validation studies
11:55-12:20 Lorens Sibbesen
(Method validation WG Chair, Denmark)
Is the sampling method as valid as the analytical method?
12:50-13:15 Pieter Dehouck
(JRC EU, Belgium)
Ensuring validity of methods for routine use – a risk assessment approach
13:15-13:40 Steve Ellison
(Meaurement uncertainty and
traceability WG Chair, UK)
Detection limits and detection capability
13:40-14:40   Online poster session
14:40-15:05 Mike Ramsey
(Sampling uncertainty WG Chair, UK)
What is the Uncertainty factor?
15:05-15:10 Miloslav Suchánek
(Eurachem-CZ, Czechia)
Closing of the day 2


11:00-11:05 Miloslav Suchánek
(Eurachem-CZ, Czechia)
Opening of the day 3
11:05-11:30 Brian Brookman
(Proficiency testing WG Chair)
Demonstrating the validity of measurement results through reliable proficiency testing
11:30-11:55 Hana Zelená
(Public Health Institute Ostrava, Czech Republic)
Pros and Cons of the SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic Tests
11:55-12:20 Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva
(Qualitative analysis WG Chair, Portugal)
Use of in-house validation data in measurement uncertainty evaluation
12:20-12:45 Bertil Magnusson
(Trollboken, Sweden)
Eurachem Guidance on conformity assessment
13:15-14:15 Steve Ellison
(Meaurement uncertainty and traceability WG Chair, UK)
Breakout session II – software validation
  Bertil Magnusson
(Trollboken, Sweden)
Breakout session II – conformity assessment
14:15-14:35   Conclusions of breakout sessions
14:35-14:45 Miloslav Suchánek, David Milde
(Eurachem-CZ, Czechia)
Closing of the workshop


1 Evaluation of the uncertainty of complex sample preparation – Monte Carlo bottom-up approach
Vanessa Morgado, Carla Palma, Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva
2 Study of reproducibility in scientific publications based on the statistical evaluation of validation results and uncertainty estimation in analytical chemistry
Bruna Ferreira, Vitor Pacces, Igor Olivares, Emanuel Carrilho
3 Metrological tools applied in test methods for the detection of SARS-CoV-2
Carolaine O. Rodrigues, Igor R. B. Olivares
4 Application of statistical tools for laboratory quality management aiming the ethyl carbamate (EC) monitoring in unsweetened cachaça
Pamela Aparecida Grizotto, Igor Renato Bertoni Olivares
5 Pioneering development of automatic identification of microplastics by micro-ATR-FTIR spectra
Vanessa Morgado, Carla Palma, Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva
6 Particular and total risks in the conformity assessment of paracetamol oral solutions
Luciana Separovic, Felipe Rebello Lourenço
7 First assessment of total risks in oil spill source identification
Ana Catarina Rocha, Carla Palma, Ricardo J.N. Bettencourt da Silva
8 Assessment of the application of quality management systems requirements related to computer systems in laboratories by assessors and their application by accredited laboratories
Cássia W. Kock, Vitor H. P. Pacces, Igor R. B. Olivares
9 Metrological aspects of the certification of reference standards of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine
Dmytro Leontiev, Natalia Volovyk, Oleksandr Gryzodub
10 The use of Monte Carlo Simulations of georeferenced information to evaluate composition trends in oceanic waters
Carlos Borges, Carla Palma, Ricardo Silva
11 Traceable reference gas mixtures to calibrate analyzers used to measure atmospheric VOCs
Maitane Iturrate-Garcia, Celine Pascale, Tobias Bühlmann, Stefan Reimann
12 Evaluation of measurement uncertainty of environmental matrices indicators including sampling uncertainty
David Milde, Alena Nižnanská
13 Bottom-up evaluation of the uncertainty of a titration with visual end-point detection: Determination of dissolved oxygen by the Winkler Method
Ariely Carvalho, Ruben Miguel, Sara Neves, Cristina M. Oliveira, Ricardo J. N. Bettencourt da Silva