Measurement uncertainty evaluation based on in-house validation data (online)


Eurachem, in cooperation with CITAC, invites members of the international analytical community to attend this free online workshop on the topic of measurement uncertainty evaluation using method validation data.

This workshop will present the principles of a new Eurachem Guide which complement the existing guide, Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurement, by providing a simplified evaluation of the uncertainty of measurements in routine chemistry based on recovery and precision studies performed during in-house validation.

General information

Date: 25-26 October 2022 (11:00 - c. 14:00 CEST)
Venue: Online
1st Circular  First circular [pdf, 180 kB]


Workshop aims

The workshop aims to discuss

  • Current approaches to the evaluation of measurement uncertainty
  • Developments in uncertainty evaluation using validation and QC data
  • Approaches for expressing large uncertainties
  • Software for measurement uncertainty evaluation



Day 1 25 October

Using in-house validation data for uncertainty evaluation

  • Opening of the workhop
    • Steve Ellison [Chair, Eurachem/CITAC MU & Traceability WG]
  • Approaches to measurement uncertainty evaluation
    • Ivo Leito [University of Tartu, EE]
  • Evaluation of measurement uncertainty based on in-house validation data
    • Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva [Universidade de Lisboa, PT
  • Evaluating the precision component of measurement uncertainty
    • Bertil Magnusson, [Trollboken, SE]
  • Evaluating the recovery component of measurement uncertainty
    • Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva [Universidade de Lisboa, PT]
  • Variation of the measurement uncertainty with measurand level
    • Eskil Sahlin [RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, SE]
  • Questions
  • Close Day 1


Day 2 26 October

Managing uncertainty evaluations | MU in practice

  • Opening of Day 2
    • Steve Ellison [LGC, UK]
  • Handling allowable limits for recovery
    • Steve Ellison [LGC, UK]
  • Example: Heavy metals in sediments
    • Carla Palma [Instituto Hidrográfico, PT]

Software for MU evaluation based on in-house validation

  • MUkit - Measurement Uncertainty kit
    • Teemu Naykki [SYKE Finnish Environmental Institute, FI]
  • MU in Excel
    • Michael Koch [Universität Stuttgart, DE]
  • Implementing the new Eurachem/CITAC Guide in Excel
    • Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva [Universidade de Lisboa, PT]
  • Break
  • Experimental validation of the evaluated measurement uncertainty
    • Anders Svaneborg [Eurofins, DK]
  • Handling high uncertainty using the Uncertainty Factor
    • Bertil Magnusson [Trollboken, SE]
  • Suggested expressions for asymmetric measurement uncertainty intervals,
    • Eskil Sahlin [RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, SE]
  • Closing discussion