Eurachem Publications

Eurachem publishes guidance documents and information leaflets on a range of issues in quality and accreditation for analytical measurement.


guidepic132 Eurachem guides typically give detailed technical information about a topic. Guides usually include definitions of terms and concepts, practical advice on achieving quality objectives or requirements, and detailed technical information such as statistical methods, performance characteristics for analytical methods or information on typical uncertainties or performance. Guides often include practical examples. Eurachem Guides are normally aimed at laboratory staff responsible for quality in laboratories. Many Eurachem guides are cited by accreditation agencies as reference documents.

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Information leaflets

pt-cmp-mrg132 Eurachem Information Leaflets are short briefing documents on a specific topic. Information leaflets are typically one or two pages in length, and are often intended to inform a wider audience. For example, some information leaflets are intended to inform laboratory customers as well as laboratory staff and QA professionals. Information leaflets do not usually include detailed calculation methods, requirements or examples.

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Development and approval

Guides and Information Leaflets are developed by the various working groups, often in collaboration with other organisations. Development and maintenance of Guides follows the Eurachem Procedure for the Development of Guides. All guides and leaflets are subject to approval by the Executive. Guides are additionally subject to formal approval by Eurachem members. Information leaflets are usually approved by the Executive  following approval by the members of the relevant working group.

All Eurachem Publications are currently available free of charge from the Eurachem Website. Many are additionally available in hard copy, either from the Secretariat or from other publishers.

Eurachem Members are free to translate publications into their own language, so many are available in several languages.


Most guides and leaflets are available in PDF format. You can download the free Adobe reader for this widely used format at the link below.

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