Completed events

Material available from completed Eurachem and related events is collated here. Note that this is not a comprehensive list of previous events; only events for which supplementary information, such as presentations or other reports, are available.

Title Published Date
Quality Assurance Elements for Analytical Laboratories in the University Curriculum - Online Jul 2020
Accreditation of analytical, microbiological and medical laboratories - ISO/IEC 17025:2017 & ISO 15189:2012 Feb 2020
Eurachem Workshop - Uncertainty from sampling and analysis for accredited laboratories Nov 2019
Eurachem workshop - Validation of targeted and non-targeted methods of analysis May 2019
Critical Issues Of The Accreditation Standards - ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ISO 15189:2012 Feb 2019
Eurachem Workshop: Data – Quality, Analysis and Integrity May 2018
9th International Workshop on Proficiency Testing (2017) Oct 2017
Uncertainty in Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis (2017) Jun 2017
Method Validation - Current Practices and Future Challenges (2016) May 2016
8th International Workshop on Proficiency Testing (2014) Oct 2014
NMKL/Eurachem workshop: MU for food and feed analysis (2014) Sep 2014
Eurachem Workshop: Quality in Analytical Measurements (2014) May 2014
Quality Assurance of Measurements from Field to Laboratory (2013) May 2013
Key Challenges in Internal Quality Control (2012) Oct 2012
Validation, Traceability and Measurement Uncertainty (2012) May 2012
7th Eurachem workshop on Proficiency Testing (2011) Oct 2011
Recent developments in Measurement Uncertainty (2011) Jun 2011
Eurachem Workshop: Key Quality Assurance Challenges for Analytical Measurements (2011) May 2011
Analytical Results for Decisions (2010) May 2010
6th Eurachem workshop on Proficiency Testing (2008) Oct 2008
Measurement Uncertainty in Sampling and Compliance (2008) Apr 2008
5th International Workshop on Proficiency Testing (2005) Sep 2005