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Accreditation for Microbiological Laboratories (2013)

NOTE: This version of "Accreditation for Microbiological Laboratories" has been superseded by the third edition, published in 2023. The 2023 edition can be found here.


80px-Anthrax cultureThis document has been produced primarily by an ad hoc Eurachem Working Group in collaboration with the EA (European co-operation for Accreditation) Laboratory Committee. It provides microbiological laboratories with appropriate information and guidance on how to fulfil the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

Note: The previous version of this guide was additionally approved as EA Guide EA 4/10 G:2002. For further information on the status of EA 4/10 G:2002 see the archive page of the 2002 Guide and the EA website.

Amendment (May 2014): The title page of the present website version (.P2) has been amended from the 2013 printing to remove an incorrect reference to EA 4/10.


You may download the guide from this website at no cost (pdf, 272 kB).


Translation into other languages is permitted for members of Eurachem. Other offers of translation should be directed to the Eurachem Secretariat for permission. The Eurachem policy on maintenance and development of Eurachem guidance, available on the Policies page, gives further information on translation.


This guidance should be cited* as
"M. Eleftheriadou and K. C. Tsimillis (Eds), Eurachem guide: Accreditation for Microbiological Laboratories, Second edition (2013),
ISBN: 978-91-87017-92-6. Available from"

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