Eurachem Structure

The Eurachem General Assembly

The General Assembly is the principal decision making body of Eurachem. The General Assembly consists of:

Where a vote is taken at a meeting of the General Assembly, each Full Member country has one vote, cast by its National Representatives.


The Eurachem Executive Committee

The Eurachem Executive Committee manages the affairs of EURACHEM between meetings, and prepares issues for consideration by members. The Executive Committee consists of:

  • The Chair of Eurachem
  • The Eurachem Vice Chair
  • The immediate Past Chair (“Past Chair”)
  • The Eurachem Secretary
  • The Treasurer
  • Up to six Ordinary Members as required to ensure the Executive Committee is representative of the General Assembly
  • One representative of each active Working Group

Procedures for the appointment of executive Committee members can be found on our policies page.


Eurachem Working Groups

Eurachem's technical activity is carried out by its various Working Groups. Further information on working groups can be found on our Working Group pages.


Liaison organisations

Eurachem operates a range of liaison links with other organisations. Further information about active liaisons can be found on our Liaisons pages.