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New Eurachem Executive members 2022

In addition to appointing our new Chairs and Secretary, the 2022 Eurachem General Assembly saw some changes to elected members of the Executive Committee. Our six Elected members generally serve for a term of three years each, with two usually appointed at each General Assembly.

Hanspeter Andres - Elected member, Eurachem Executive

Hanspeter Andres, Eurachem Executive member 2022After finishing his chemistry and doctorate studies at University of Bern, Switzerland, in 2000, Hanspeter did a post-doc stay at Carnegie-Mellon-University, US. After returning to Switzerland he joined the private company Nitrochemie Wimmis AG as a research associate in 2002. In 2007 he moved on to the Federal Institute of Metrology METAS as head of the analytical chemistry sector. In the next decade he strongly expanded the sector's R&D activities and services and integrated two governmental testing laboratories. He also successfully introduced a prize for metrology in chemistry and/or Biology in Switzerland. In 2019 he was appointed as head of the chemistry division and member of the Executive board. Subsequently, he established and developed a laboratory for chemical and biological references. Since 2021 he his vice-director of METAS.

Since joining METAS, Hanspeter engages in several national and international organisations. Since 2008 he is an active member of the Consultative Committee of Amount of Substance and the Technical Committee Metrology in Chemistry (TC-MC) of Euramet. From 2015 to 2019 he chaired the TC-MC, where he accompanied the development of European Metrology Networks and the better involvement of emerging metrology institute. In 2012, he joined the Board of the Division Analytical Sciences of the Swiss Chemical Society and became the Swiss Delegate to Eurachem.

Hanspeter said "My candidature to the Eurachem Executive Committee is part of a Swiss Initiative to engage more within Eurachem. I feel honoured to contribute to the excellent work of Eurachem, particularly in disseminating best practice and guidance in analytical chemistry and sciences at large. I look forward with my colleague Ernst Halder to the next Eurachem GA, which will be organised on the premises of METAS in Wabern, Switzerland. This will be (hopefully) a unique opportunity to meet in person again and exchange. In the prior scientific workshop, we will look at the analytical process as a whole and discuss how reliable and accurate results can be ensured during this process."


Prof David Milde - Elected member, Eurachem Executive

David Milde, Eurachem Executive member 2022David is an associate professor of analytical chemistry at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. He received his education from University of Chemistry and Technology Prague in 1996 and his PhD in analytical chemistry at Palacky University in Olomouc in 2002. His research and teaching activities are focused on spectrometry (AAS, ICP-MS, FT-IR), chemometrics and metrology in chemistry. He has been a supervisor of many bachelors, masters, and several PhD theses. He also works in a GMP certified laboratory at Palacky University and is responsible for elemental impurities determination in pharmaceuticals. He is also a member of several technical committees at Czech Institute for Accreditation.

David is a Chair of Eurachem Czech Republic and his participation in Eurachem began in 2006 as a national delegate to the General Assembly. He was elected to the Executive Committee for the first time in 2008 and from that time he has been serving in several roles, including Eurachem Chair (2016-2018). Currently he is also chairing the Education & Training Working Group.


Prof Wolfhard Wegscheider - founding member

Wolfhard WegscheiderThe Eurachem Executive also says a grateful farewell to Prof Wolfhard Wegscheider, who stood down from the executive after approximately 30 years of service on the Eurachem Executive.

Wolfhard was a founding member of the Eurachem Working Group on Education and Training and the Working Group on Measurement Uncertainty and Traceability. He has also served as Chair of Eurachem - the only person to have done so twice in Eurachem's history to date. We are grateful to Wolfhard for all of his service to the Executive.

Although stepping down from the Executive, however, Wolfhard remains a member of the Measurement Uncertainty and Traceability WG and the Education and Training working group, and also remains on the general Assembly as national delegate for Austria. Although we're sad to see him leave the Executive, we look forward to his continuing contribution in those other roles.