Inactive working groups

Reference Materials (EEEE-RM) WG [Closed 2005]

(joint with EA, EUROLAB and EUROMET)

Terms of Reference

  1. To examine the state of the art in this field and promote the correct use of Reference Materials (RMs)
  2. To identify the essential requirements and information which the producer of RMs must give to the users to provide confidence in the product and to establish comparability in testing
  3. Guidance on proper selection and use of RMs, action if they are not available
  4. To define acceptance criteria and validation strategies for RMs (internal and external)
  5. RMs, comparability in testing and metrology
  6. To identify possible ways to promote the dissemination of information on available RMs (e.g., COMAR)

Work Programme

  • To discuss and finalize a guidance document on selection and use of RMs
  • To submit comments on the ISO- and ILAC-documents concerning the competence of institutions, which produce and/or characterise reference materials and to analyse if these documents can be used in third party assessment
  • To advise if the third party assessment and recognition of RM-producers of various types of RMs can be done by accreditation bodies for testing and calibration laboratories and/or accreditation bodies for product certification/inspection and/or accredited product certification bodies/inspection bodies, or if a new type of assessment body is required
  • To consider the role of national metrology institutions in establishing the traceability of RMs
  • To submit recommendations for a (European) system of mutual recognition for RMs produced by recognized bodies
  • To organise sectorial workshops and other actions such as contributions to symposia on selection and use of RMs
  • To prepare actions towards the V framework programme
  • To support information systems concerning RMs



Chair: A Zschunke (Germany)
Secretary: S Recknagel (Germany)

P Ackermann (Switzerland) B King (United Kingdom) J M Christensen (Denmark) U Örnemark (Sweden)
E-H Elgåsen (Sweden) V Komppa (Finland) A Marschal (France) W Richter (Germany)
J F Moro (France) E de Leer (The Netherlands) U Örnemark (Sweden) U Waetjen (IRMM)
P E Poulsen (Denmark) B A Nyeland (Denmark) A Porro (Spain)  
L Sanchez (Spain) M Walsh (Ireland) E Strazds (Latvia)  
    A Zschunke (Germany)  



Guide: The Selection and use of Reference Materials (2002)