Eurachem Working Groups

Method Validation Working Group

The Eurachem Method Validation Working Group (MVWG) aims to function as a centre of expertise in the field by assembling and promoting best practice in Method Validation.

Terms of Reference

  1. The EURACHEM Method Validation Working Group has been established and will operate in accordance with the Constitution agreed in the EURACHEM Memorandum of Understanding, and is as such working:
  2. To provide guidance on method validation. This guidance will be applicable to all chemical analytical laboratories and meet the requirements for accreditation
  3. To organize - and contribute to - international seminars and workshops on issues related to Method Validation within analytical chemistry
  4. To collaborate and provide input on Method Validation into other Eurachem working groups
  5. To follow and discuss new developments within analytical chemistry, which may require new approaches regarding Method Validation
  6. To contribute to the "Reading List" with relevant references on Method Validation in analytical chemistry.



  • MVWG was co-arranger of an international workshop, “Validation / Traceability / Measurement Uncertainty. Challenges for the 21st Century’s analysts”, in Berlin in May 2012 (see under "Completed Events")
  • The MVWG issued a revised edition of the Eurachem Fitness for Purpose guide in 2014 and is currently considering supplementary guidance on individual aspects of method validation.
  • A scientific committee based in the MVWG planned a 2-day Workshop, "Method Validation - Current Practices and Future Challenges" in Ghent, Belgium, May 2016

  • Contributing with a 3 hours workshop "Are MS-based methods fit for purpose?" at the XXII International Mass Spectrometry Conference in Florence, Italy, August 26 - 31 2018


  • The MVWG is currently considering and working on supplementary guidance on individual aspects of method validation (probably to be included in a coming version of the "Fitness for Purpose" guide as annexes)
  • The MVWG is currently assembling issues for revision of the guide (due around 2019). Readers are welcome to provide inputs for this (see below)
  • The MVWG is working on illustrative examples (validation protocols) on application of the principles recommended in the "Fitness for Purpose" guide.
  • The MVWG will over time elaborate shorter leaflets pointing to application of the guide and specific issues described in the guide.

The MVWG will appreciate comments on the present version of the "Fitness for Purpose" guide (Ed. 2, 2014).
This can be done by using the Feedback form on Fitness for Purpose guide


  • Isabelle Vercruysse (Belgium)
  • Guy Lamon (Belgium)
  • Lorens Sibbesen (Denmark; Chair)
  • Piotr Robouch (EU)
  • Pieter Dehouck (EU)
  • Abdelkader Boubetra (France)
  • Barbara Pohl (Germany) (C)
  • Helen Gika (Greece)
  • Marios Kostakis (Greece)
  • Yvonne Bogan (Ireland) (C)
  • Éidín Christie (Ireland)
  • Helen Cantwell (Ireland; Vice Chair & Secretary)
  • John Clancy (Ireland)
  • Emanuela Gregori (Italy)
  • Marina Patriarca (Italy)
  • Elin Lovise Folven Gjengedal (Norway)
  • Ewa Bulska (Poland) (C)
  • Pedro Pablo Morillas Bravo (Spain)
  • Francisco Raposo (Spain)
  • Anders Karlsson (Sweden)
  • Ulf Örnemark (Sweden) (C)
  • Fatma Akcadag (Turkey)
  • Burcu Binici (Turkey)
  • Aysun Yilmaz (Turkey)
  • Perihan Yolci Ömeroglu (Turkey)
  • Vicki Barwick (UK)
  • Steve Ellison (UK) (C)
    (C): Corresponding member