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Method Validation - Current Practices and Future Challenges (2016)

The Eurachem International Workshop on the topic of "Method Validation - Current Practices and Future Challenges" was held in Ghent on 9-10 May 2016.

The workshop addressed current practices, problems and future directions of method validation. The focus was on in-house method validation in analytical science applied in different fields such as environment, food, health, forensics, pharmaceuticals and microbiology.

Approximately 130 participants attended from 28 countries. Available presentations, workshop summaries and poster information  is given below.

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Workshop information

Date: 9-10 May 2016
Venue: NH Gent Belfort
Hoogpoort 63 - 9000 Gent
First circular: Download the first circular (pdf, 541kb)
Second circular: Download the second circular (pdf, 535 kb)
Third circular: Download the third circular (pdf, 544 kb)
Poster: View the Poster for the event (pdf 2Mb)
Website: [closed]


Workshop topics

Lectures and working group discussions covered the following topics:

  • International guidance
  • Setting method performance requirements
  • Extent of validation/verification studies
  • Planning effective  validation studies
  • Analysis of validation data
  • Examples of best practices in different fields
  • Future developments - Accreditation Body view
  • Validation of microbiological methods
  • Validation of multiparameter methods
  • In-house validation vs. Interlaboratory studies
  • Implementing principles of Quality by Design (QbD)

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Book of Abstracts

Poster abstracts are additionally listed against posters (below).


Keynote speakers

K01 International guidance-an overview
Lorens Sibbesen
K02 Setting the requirements for a method (including aspects of MU)
Bertil Magnusson
K03 Extent of validation/verification studies & Examples of efficient planning of validation studies
Stephen L R Ellison
K04 Method Validation in clinical chemistry
Elvar Theodorsson
K05 Validation in R&D labs and academic environment: achieving quality in analytical data
Sarah De Saeger
K06 Current practices and future challenges in method validation-new areas of application
Nicole Van Laethem
K07 Trends in inter-laboratory method validation
Stephen L R Ellison
K08 Validation of microbiological methods for water and environment (based on revised ISO 13843)
Olivier Molinier
K09 Implementing principles of Quality by Design (QbD)
Cédric Hubert


Short Oral Presentation

O01Jone Omar Omaindia: Chemometrics in method validation: why?

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Working Group reports

Day 1

WG 1: Setting requirements for a method to be validated-moderator
Moderator/Rapporteur: Marina Patriarca

WG 2: Planning of validation studies
(2 groups-Moderators/Rapporteurs: Vicki Barwick + Lorens Sibbesen

WG 3: Validation of qualitative and semi-quantitative methods-moderator
Moderator: S Ellison / Rapporteurs: S Ellison, R Bettencourt da Silva

WG 4: Challenges in validation of multiparameter methods-moderator
Moderator/Rapporteur: Elin Gjengedal

Day 2

WG 1: Determination of trueness / bias-moderator
Moderator/Rapporteur: Bertil Magnusson 

WG 2: Working range – from LOD/LOQ to upper limit of the measuring range
Moderator/Rapporteur: Lorens Sibbesen

WG 3: Validation in microbiology
Moderator/Rapporteur: Olivier Molinier

WG 4: Method validation under flexible scope of accreditation
Moderator/Rapporteur: Nicole van Laethem

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  • P01 EURACHEM: A Focus For Analytical Chemistry In Europe
  • P02 The Eurachem Method Validation Working Group
  • P03 The Fitness For Purpose Of Analytical Methods: A Laboratory Guide To Method Validation And Related Topics
  • P04 Gas Quality Control: An Interlaboratory Study To Assess The Performance Of Five Laboratories For Sampling And Analysis Of Biomethane Samples
  • P05 In-House Method Validation Of A Method For The Determination Of Certain Phthalates In Toys, Childcare And Textile Articles
  • P06 Comparison Of Cronobacter Sakazakii Detection By Using Rapid Method (Pcr)&Nbsp; With Classical Cultural Method In Infant Formula
  • P07 International Validation Study Of A Nirs Screening Method
  • P08 Chemometrics In Method Validation - Why?
  • P09 Optimization And Validation Of An UHP-SFC Method For The Quality Control Of Vitamin D3 Raw Material
  • P10 Validation Procedure Of Pesticides Such As α-BHC, γ-BHC, β-BHC, DDE, DDD And DDT In Fruits And Vegetables Grown In Azerbaijan
  • P11 Determination Of Nitrosamines In Food Using LC-MS/MS
  • P12 Validation Of An UPLC Method For The Determination Of Amino Acids In Feeds
  • P13 Optimization And Validation Of An Analytical Method For The Determination Of Isothiocyanates And Glucosinolates In Broccoli Using HPLC
  • P14 Optimization And Validation Of An Analytical Method For The Determination Of Polymethoxylated Flavonoids In Citrus Sinensis
  • P15 Optimization And Validation Of Analytical Rp-Hplc Methods For The Analysis Of Glucosinolates And Isothiocyanates In Nasturtium Officinale R. Br
  • P16 Fully Automated Direct Extraction And Analysis Of Dried Blood Spots For The Determination Of Four Anti-Epileptic Drugs And Two Active Metabolites
  • P17 Validation Of A Novel Non-Contact Method To Estimate The Hematocrit Of Dried Blood Spots
  • P18 ANOVA: A Tool For Better Experimental Design And Evaluation Of Method Validation
  • P19 Dried Blood Spot-Based Analysis Of The Cyanoethylvaline-Adduct Of Hemoglobin For Smoking Assessment
  • P20 Confirmatory Method For The Simultaneous Determination Of Nitroimidazoles Residues In Eggs By UPLC-MS/MS: VALIDATION ACCORDING TO THE COMMISSION DECISION 2002/657/EC
  • P21 Inter-Laboratory Validation Study For Determination Of Deoxynivalenol Biomarkers In Urine
  • P22 Quantitative Analysis Of Gmo In Food And Feed: Digital PCR Versus Real Time PCR
  • P23 Validation Of Microbiological Methods For Water And Environment: Revision Of ISO 13843
  • P24 Validation Of Multi-Parameter Methods &Ndash; Revisiting An EU-Coordinated In-House Validation Study For NSAID Compounds In Bovine Milk
  • P25 User-Friendly Tutorial And Spreadsheet For The Bottom-Up Evaluation Of Least-Squares Calibrations
  • P26 Examination Criteria And Uncertainty Of Trace Levels Of Organic Compounds In Complex Matrices By GC-MS
  • P27 When A Good Recovery Fails To Assess A Test Method 

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