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Method Validation Supplements now available in Italian

Italian Supplement Translation cover

Thanks to the work of our colleagues at Eurachem Italia, the Method Validation Working Group is pleased to say that our two Supplementary Guides on "Planning and Reporting Method Validation Studies" and "Blanks in method validation" are now available in Italian, in a single volume.

The Planning supplement provides guidance on the planning and reporting of validation studies, and is structured in the form of a template which can be used to assist with planning method validation. The supplement on blanks in method validation describes the different types of blank materials which may be used during method validation and gives guidance for situations where it may be difficult to obtain a suitable blank matrix.

Since the two Italian translations are published in a single volume, the translations can be downloaded from either the page for "Planning and Reporting Method Validation Studies" or the page for "Blanks in method validation" on this website.