Eurachem Reports

Eurachem Reports provide summaries of technical or other work conducted by Eurachem Working Groups, or by others on behalf of the Eurachem Executive. Eurachem reports are issued for information only and do not constitute guidance or statements of policy.

Preparation of reports is governed by the Eurachem Policy on Publication of Eurachem reports.

Survey - Understanding metrological traceability

Schematic of a barchart

This Eurachem Report provides a summary of 'check box' responses received to a voluntary online survey conducted in 2019. The survey sought to establish the extent of consensus, or otherwise, on the following issues:

   - The extent to which validation and QC materials (as distinct from calibration materials) provide metrological traceability.

   - The effect of ‘recalibration’ – use of a secondary material to correct a measurement result from a system that has already been calibrated.

   - Metrological traceability for reference values obtained by interlaboratory study.

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