The Eurachem reading list

Introduction and Scope

This reading list has been prepared by members of the Eurachem Education and Training Working Group. It is based on bibliographies originally produced by TrainMiC [1] and LGC - under the UK’s Chemical and Biological Metrology programme ( - but has been substantially updated. The main focus of the references contained in the list is metrology in chemistry, with a particular focus on quality assurance. However, it is anticipated that that references will also be of interest to those working in other disciplines. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all publications relating to quality in analytical measurement. The aim is to provide references to a selection of websites, standards, guides and books which will hopefully be of use to all those involved with chemical analysis (and related disciplines), including laboratory staff, students, lecturers and trainers.

Many of the references provided in this list are available to download free of charge; in particular, documents published by Eurachem, JCGM, Euramet, Eurolab, ILAC, EA and accreditation bodies such as UKAS.

The aim is to update the bibliography annually.*  The Working Group welcomes suggestions for additions to the bibliography.  Please see the contact form for the working group to send additional references.

The complete reading list can be downloaded in pdf format here. [pdf, 264 kB]

The articles in the list below provide the same material in web-readable format.

NOTE: Eurachem provides this list for information and is not responsible for the content or advice given in the resources listed. Software listed has not been validated by Eurachem and it remains the responsibility of the software user to ensure that it is suitable for their purpose.

* PDF last updated 2024-05-25. See individual list items below for last amendment date of HTML versions.


  1. Taylor, P., Bulska, E., Duta, S. et al. TrainMiC®: a programme for life-long learning in metrology in chemistry. Accred Qual Assur 14, 167–173 (2009).

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