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Accreditation for Microbiological Laboratories (2002)

NOTE: This version of "Accreditation for Microbiological Laboratories" has been superseded by the Second Edition, published in 2013. The latest edition can be found here.


This document was produced by a joint EURACHEM/EA Working Group. It supplements ISO/IEC 17025 and provides specific guidance on the accreditation of laboratories performing microbiological testing, for both assessors and laboratories preparing for accreditation.

Note: This version of the Guide was additionally adopted by EA as EA 4/10 G (2002) (see Eurachem currently* understands that in the light of the publication of the second edition of the Eurachem guidance and consequent withdrawal of this first edition, withdrawal of EA 4/10 G (2002) is expected to be considered at the EA General Assembly in May 2014.
*as at 01 January 2014


You may download the guide from this website at no cost (pdf, 153 kB).


Translation into other languages is permitted for members of Eurachem.

General Assembly in May 2014