Eurachem Workshop: Quality in Analytical Measurements (2014)


Eurachem ran an international workshop on  "Quality in Analytical Measurements" in Lisbon on Monday 19 to Wednesday 21 May 2014. This workshop covered the most challenging technical details of the analytical process, including the chemical description of the analytical problem, producing measurements with adequate traceability and uncertainty, interpreting results based on objective evidence and reporting results to the client. The workshop included invited lectures, short communications, poster sessions and breakout sessions.

The event also celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Eurachem.

Further information on the technical content can be found on the workshop website maintained by the University of Lisbon faculty of chemistry.

In addition, a summary of the workshop has been published in the journal Accredditation and Quality Assurance: see R Bettencourt da Silva, A Williams, Eurachem workshop on quality in analytical measurements: from specification to decision, Accred. Qual. Assur 2015:20 43-46, DOI: 10.1007/s00769-015-1103-x

Key Information

Date: Monday 19 to Wednesday 21 May 2014 
Venue: Hotel Mundial, Lisbon, Portugal
Registration:  Registration is now closed for this event.

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Published report Bettencourt da Silva, R.J.N. & Williams, A. Eurachem workshop on quality in analytical measurements: from specification to decision, Accred Qual Assur (2015) 20: 43.

Scientific programme

This workshop considered the most challenging technical details of the analytical process, including the chemical description of the analytical problem, producing measurements with adequate traceability and uncertainty, interpreting results based on objective evidence and reporting results to the client. Breakout sessions provided the opportunity to identify areas where problems remain. Topics covered included:

  1. Specification for measurements
  2. Product compliance assessment
  3. Procedure Validation/ Verification
  4. Measurement Uncertainty
  5. Measurement Traceability
  6. Proficiency testing
  7. Training

Presentations and posters covering these topics were invited and the list of contributions, with electronic copy where available, is given below. The workshop website also holds details of the scientific programme and available presentations.

Posters and presentations

Invited Lectures


Eurachem — how it began


Williams, A.

[PDF, 1.0 Mb]


What Eurachem has achieved


Walsh, M.

[PDF, 4.4 Mb]


The measurement cycle


Wegscheider, W.

[PDF, 0.5 Mb]


Setting the measurement requirement


Silva, R.B.

[PDF, 1.8 Mb]


Method validation and verification


Sibbesen, L.

[PDF, 0.3 Mb]


Recovery/bias evaluation


Leito, I.

[PDF, 0.6 Mb]


Proficiency Testing (PT)—a tool to improve laboratory performance


Brookman, B.

[PDF, 2.3 Mb]


Traceability in chemical analysis — Are we ready to deliver?


Emons, H.

[PDF, 0.8 Mb]


Uncertainty evaluation for analysis and sampling


Ellison, S.

[PDF, 0.3 Mb]


Reporting the result and assessment for compliance


Magnusson, B.

[PDF, 0.7 Mb]


QA/QC to underpin the measurement cycle


Bianco, P.

[PDF, 0.5 Mb]


Key skills for the analytical scientist: Assessing competence in the laboratory


Barwick, V.

[PDF, 0.2 Mb]


Where next


Camões, M.F.


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Oral Communications


JRC contribution to the fitness for purpose of analytical methods for food and feed matrices


Cordeiro, F.; Fiamegkos, I.; Robouch, P.; Calle, B.



Assessment of the determination of total sulphur in fertilizers by ICP-OES


Nunes, M.J.; M. João Moura



Use of interlaboratory study to better define the characteristics of dispersion of results in natural gas analysis


Vatin, A.; Vial, J.; Leininger, J.P.; Jardy, A. — Presented by Basset, E.



Assessing a new approach (triple A-classification) to evaluate performance-underperformance of laboratories participating in the EU proficiency tests for multi-residue analysis of pesticides in fruits and vegetables


Valverde, A.; Fernández-Alba, A.; Aguilera, A.; Mezcua, M.



Specifications and traceability in the pharmaceutical industry


Nielsen, E.; Byrialsen, K.; Jespersen, A.; Adamczewski, L.

[PDF, 0.3 Mb]


Estimation of measurement uncertainty in the fluorometric determination of ammoniacal nitrogen in sea water by continuous flow analysis (CFA)


Claramunt, I.; Perez, L.



NMIJ analytical skill-upgrade training program


Chiba, K.; Inagaki, K.; Huroiwa, T.



Quality assurance of chemical analysis: classification, modeling and quantification of human errors


Kuselman, I.

[PDF, 0.7 Mb]


Courses of study and interest-based subjects


Camões, M.F.



Training needs to understand quality assurance


Tsimillis, K.

[PDF, 0.2 Mb]

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Accuracy in niacin quantification in food matrices, by an RP-HPLC method


Flores, C.; Dias, M.G.; Santos, M.

[PDF, 0.4 Mb]


Method validation of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and cadmium in meat and meat products by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry


Abbasova, T.; Kamalova, S.; Hamidullazade, A.; Hassanova, S.



Uncertainty sources at the determination of limit of detection and limit of quantification in gas chromatography and comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography


Májek, P.; Krupcík, J.



Validation of copper and mercury in marine sediments


Palma, C.; Valença, M.; Gama, A.; Santos, P.



Comparison of pressurized liquid extraction and soxhlet extraction for the determination of organic pollutants in marine sediments


Santos, P.; Gama, A.; Valença, M.; Palma, C.



Establishment of a model to estimate the uncertainties associated to the measurement of atmospheric pollutants in a crude refinery


Dias, F.; Matos, M.



Performance of the method EN 12396-1 — with the introduction of minor modifications — versus the criteria of SANCO 12571/2013 for quantitative determinations


Luz, S.; Santos, T., Silva, R.B.

[PDF, 1.4 Mb]


Validation of nickel quantitative analysis using ICP-OES with an ultrasonic nebulizer


Ferreira, S.; Duarte, C.; Ribeiro, S.; Sousa, I.; Coelho, M.R.



Environmentally friendly matrix effect matching evaluation for the major elements in solid biofuel characterization by atomic absorption spectrometry


Trancoso, M.; Lopes, H.; Teixeira, P.; Calisto, S.



Monitoring laboratory performance over time from proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparisons


Trancoso, M.; Sousa, A.; Calisto, S.



European proficiency tests for fruit and vegetables from 1996 to 2013 — History and main achievements


Uclés, S.; Belmonte, N.; Ferrer, C.; Gómez-Ramos, M.; Herrera, S.; Lozano, A.; Malato, O.; Medina, P.; Mezcua, M.; Rajski, L.; Uclés, A.; Fernández-Alba, A.



Achieving lower z-scores: evaluation of z-score results along the uncertainty range of a sample


Jesuino, B.; Freitas, A.



Estimation of the minimal preanalytical uncertainty


Sylte, M.; Wentzel-Larsen, T.; Bolann, B.



COMAR — the international database for certified reference materials


Steiger, T.; Pradel R.



Quantification of FAMEs in biodiesel: flame ionization detection vs. isotope dilution mass spectrometry


Morales, V.; Buchgraber, M.; Held, A.



Implementing VIM3 calibration in some analytical chemistry laboratories


Pellegrino, O.; Furtado, A.; Oliveira, C.S.; Filipe, E.



Uncertainty from sample preparation in laboratory on the example of various feeds


Korol, W.; Bielecka, G.; Rubaj, J.; Walczynski, S.



The prospect of the TILSAM method regarding customer needs and benefits in view of existing gas CMCs


Werhahn, O.; Nwaboh, J.; Pogány, A.; Koelliker-Delgado, J.; Schiel, D.; Ebert, V.



Variability of uncertainty associated to heavy metals determination in urban soils


Silva, H.; Silva, N.; Oliveira, C.; Matos, M.



Measurement quality in the determination of iron content in ore


Lindera, K.



Validation of the quantification of Mitragynine in Kratom by HPLC-DAD


Lopes, A.; Gómez, M.; Silva, R.B.; Gaspar, H.

[PDF, 1.5 Mb]


Validation of the quantification of Cathinones in “plant feeders” by 1H qNMR


Lopes, R.; Brito, M.; Gaspar, H.; Silva, R.B.

[PDF, 0.5 Mb]


Optimisation of the efficiency gain quantification of the catalytic photodegradation of methylene blue


Rosa, N.; Silva, R.B.; Camões, M.F.; Monteiro, O.C.

[PDF, 0.6 Mb]


A comparison study on the uncertainty evaluation for the determination of total nitrogen, using ISO 11352 and other alternative approaches


Sousa, J.A.; Reynolds, A.; Ribeiro, A.



Assessment of the compatibility of mean activity coefficients estimated experimentally and by Pitzer equations


Anes, B.; Silva, R.B.; Martins, H.; Camões, M.F.



Uncertainty associated with the measurement of mineral micropollutants in natural waters and in waste waters: differences observed between analytical methods during proficiency testing schemes


De Kuyssche, D.; Charpentier, R.; Penhoat, M.; Courtade, E.; Guarini, P.

[PDF, 1.8 Mb]


Evaluation of performance of handheld XRF analyzer and possibilities for use in quantitative assessment


Jönsson, M.

[PDF, 0.4 Mb]


The quality system and metrology in chemistry: HR University training


Fertonani, F.L.; Pastrea, I.A.; Hojo, O.; Batistuti, J.P.; Furlan, E.G.; Santos, C.C.



TrainMiC® a steadily growing and sustainable learning community


Taylor, P.


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