Use of uncertainty information in compliance (2021)


Acceptance and rejection zones with a guard band used for high confidence of correct rejection ("Stringent Acceptance")This information leaflet is intended for laboratories perfoming chemical analyses. It has been prepared by the Eurachem Measurement Uncertainty and Tracability Working Group (see here for details) to introduce the use of decision rules and guard bands in interpreting results accompanied by measurement uncertainty information. The leaflet summarises the principles described in the Eurachem Guide "Use of uncertainty information in compliance assessment", which is available here.

This revised edition of this information leaflet is amended to reflect changes in the second edition of the compliance Guide.



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** First published 2021-09-01; amended 2021-12-09.


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Note: The previous (2015) edition is available in English, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, Portuguese, Turkish and Ukrainian.

Previous editions

The previous edition of this leaflet can be found here.