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Leaflet - Proficiency testing - how much and how often? (2019)

NOTE: This version of the Information Leaflet "Proficiency testing - how much and how often?" has been superseded by a later edition, published in 2022. The latest edition can be found here.


Factors affecting PT strategyAn accredited laboratory needs to define in which PT schemes it should enrol  and how often it should participate. The EURACHEM Proficiency Testing Working Group has produced an information leaflet to help laboratories select the right balance of areas of work and participation frequency. The leaflet is currently available in English and a variety of translations. Further translations will be published when available.



Please consult the PT Working Group Chair if you would like to prepare a translation in your own language.


*Publication dates are dates of website publication. English version first published on this site on 2016-01-12.

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