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You talk, we understand – The way out of the tower of Babel (2015)

NOTE: This version of the Information Leaflet "You talk, we understand – The way out of the tower of Babel" has been superseded by a later edition, published in 2023. The latest edition can be found here.


Babel 150This leaflet, prepared by the Eurachem Education and Training Working Group, explains the importance of having a common language when discussing measurements. It highlights some terms which are commonly confused or misunderstood, references the International Vocabulary of Metrology ("the VIM"), and introduces the Eurachem Guide on Terminology in Analytical Measurement.




Translation into other languages is encouraged for members of Eurachem. Other offers of translation should be directed to the Eurachem Secretariat for permission. The Eurachem policy on maintenance and development of Eurachem guidance, available on the Policies page, gives further information on translation.

1. Amended April 2017