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Joint CITAC/Eurachem workshop: Performance and Uncertainty in Qualitative Chemical Analysis

Eurachem and CITAC are pleased to announce a joint CITAC/Eurachem workshop on "Assessment of Performance and Uncertainty in Qualitative Chemical Analysis", with the kind support of the Singapore Health Sciences Authority. The workshop will introduce new Eurachem guidance on performance and uncertainty in qualitative analysis, and discuss the assessment of performance for qualitative test methods, how to decidetheir fitness for purpose, and how the quality of these analyses can be reported to give an indication of confidence.

The workshop will be conducted as a Webinar in January 2022.

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Method Validation supplement now available in Ukrainian

Planning Guide cover

UA flagThanks to the work of our colleagues in Ukraine, the Eurachem Method Validation Working Group is pleased to publish a Ukrainian translation of our Validation Guide Supplement on the planning and reporting of validation studies.

The planning supplement is in the form of a template for planning the evaluation of chosen performance characteristics, which can form the basis of a validation report. The supplement also contains a checklist to assist with validation planning.

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Sampling uncertainty guide now available in Spanish

UfS Spanish Cover

ESThanks to our colleagues at Eurachem-ES and Eurolab-ES in Spain, Eurachem has published a new Spanish translation of the 2nd edition of the Eurachem/CITAC Guide "Measurement Uncertainty Arising from Sampling".

The Guide describes various methods that can be used to estimate the uncertainties arising from the processes of sampling and the physical preparation of samples. It is intended primarily for specialists such as sampling planners and for analytical chemists who need to estimate the uncertainty associated with their measurement results.

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What is the "Uncertainty Factor"?

Uncertainty factors are based on log-transformation

The Eurachem working group on Uncertainty from Sampling has published a new Information Leaflet introducing the idea of the "uncertainty factor". The leaflet, which was developed jointly with the RSC Analytical methods Committee, explains how an uncertainty factor can be used to provide a convenient and realistic uncertainty interval in circumstances where a simple symmetric interval is not suitable.

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Leaflet introducing method validation available in Turkish

Flowchart decision box - fit for purpose?

TRThe Eurachem method Validation Working group is pleased to announce the publication of a Turkish translation of the Information Leaflet introducing method validation.  The new leaflet gives a brief introduction to the overall process of validation, shows the key performance characteristics to be studied, and provides pointers to more detailed guidance.

Download the new leaflet here >>

New edition of Eurachem Compliance Guide and Information Leaflet

The Eurachem measurement uncertainty and traceability working group is pleased to publish a new, revised edition of the Eurachem/CITAC guide "Use of uncertainty information in compliance assessment", together with a revised version of the introductory Information Leaflet on the same topic. Both are intended to help laboratories develop and use decision rules that can be used in conformity assessment applications, supporting the conformity assessment requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

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